I am a documentary film director, and fiction and poetry writer . My  work draws on my fascination with narrative, and the idiomatic nature of personality and expression. I began my  career as a broadcast  journalist producing films including documentaries on climate change, the American West, sustainable cities, the elderly, nuclear waste disposal, war and combat, and Katrina recovery.

“The experience of “noticing” has always attracted me. I find myself looking more closely at personal illusions inside characters, redemption and failure particularly.  I’m perplexed by how we attempt to grow or change, by how we deny suffering, and how we defend our personal sovereignty. How do we find our way back during disappointment or tragedy, and how does a fractured sense of self become our abiding nature, or stay fractured, or both?”

My  poems center around visual imagery and I try hard in fiction to be both personal and unwavering…but sometimes I waver anyway. I’m drawn to people with limited horizons, disturbed or content in their incomplete natures.

Some of my poems have won awards and appeared in journals and literary press publications. Laying in Marrow won the Poetry Prize from Ghost Road Press. My films have been broadcast on PBS and other national networks. Time in the Barrel, Death and Life in Vietnam won the Portland Film Festival for Best Documentary. The Blessing of Vicente Paz was chosen in the 2011 Best Shorts Film Festival